About us

A user-centric, continuous, analytics driven ecosystem powered by medical technology

Biovotion, based in Switzerland, is a leading wearable physiology monitoring company and provides integrated solutions with connected hardware, value-added data analytics and monitoring services.

Designed with the consumer in mind and medical quality at heart, the platform is truly born in the cloud and has been designed from scratch to combine state of the art cybersecurity, GDPR compliance and cloud based services – forming a next generation medical IoT solution.

Biovotion’s digital health solutions actively promotes the consumerisation of healthcare and support users in keeping a healthy lifestyle, improve healthcare treatment outcomes, and aiming to reduce cost of health provisions.

Biovotion’s wearable solutions have been awarded with multiple international, prestigious prizes and high-calibre endorsements, including an XPrize award. Biovotion’s team is internationally recognised for its expertise in wearable monitoring. In December 2015,
Biovotion has been named Europe’s most innovative medical device company.
Everion® is CE medical class 2a approved as well as FDA 510(k) exempt listed as a medical device.


Andreas Caduff, PhD

CFO & Business Dev’t 
Mikael von Euw

SVP Regulatory & Quality 
Wolfgang Werner

VP Analytics 
Philipp Vetter, PhD

Director Medical Partnerships 
Anika Uhde

Director Health Partnerships 
Dan Zelezinski

VP Development 
Thomas Degen, PhD

VP Software 
Stephan Bachofen

Firmware Lead 
Ursin Tuor

Lead Enterrpise Architect 
Antonio Bruno

Head Optical Systems (Consulting) 
Pavel Zakharov, PhD

Senior Data Scientist 
Mattia Zanon, PhD

Senior Data Scientist 
Patrick Celka, PhD

Biophotonics Engineer 
Alexandra Sereda, PhD

Data Scientist 
Raffael Amacher, PhD

Signal Processing Engineer 
Michael Tüchler, PhD

Systems Analyst 
Bruno di Nardo

Regulatory & Quality Specialist 
Christina Degen

Systems Analyst 
Thomas Hofer

Program Manager 
Adrian Kundert

Customer Experience Lead 
Stefan Andris 

Firmware Engineer 
Christian Geret

Supply Chain Manager 
Sophie Magnin

Accounting Lead 
Sascha Mielow

Intern Digital Operations 
Alden von Euw

Jonathan Cool

Board of Directors

Markus Christen, PhD

BoD member 
Andreas Caduff, PhD

BoD member 
Mikael von Euw

BoD member 
Francis Blumberg

BoD member 
Raymond Tong, MD/PhD

BoD member 
Jan Honoré