Aug 16 - Day 13 Summit Mt Kilimanjaro

August 16, 2016, 09:45am @ this VERY moment #kiliclimb2016 team is on its way to summit Kilimanjaro w/ @mayoclinic @philipshealth @thorne @thenorthface full mmedical monitoring ongoing, more 2 follow soon!

In a 6–8 hours climb and in steep slopes, Zig Zags and scree with some boulders the team makes its way to Mt Kilimanjaro ~ UHURU PEAK (19,340FT /5,896M).

They are dressed up for a cold weather and only packed very basic items. They woke up at 3am to start the climb at 4.30am. After breakfast they started trekking “pole pole” uphill on scree and rocks path to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. After approx. 4 hours of walking, they came to the edge of the crater; Stella Point, at 18,900ft (5,795M) on the crater rim it is the end of the steep track. It takes about 45min to Uhuru Peak from Stella point on a less steep uphill. The trek to Uhuru peak from Stella point involves huge glaciers on the left and deep smooth crater on the right. After great momentous at the summit they will descend down back to Barafu for rest and then to High Camp.