Biovotion @ Viva Tech Paris-Novartis section

The new international event brings together 5,000 startups and 50,000 attendees, with top investors and companies to grow businesses and shape the future.
Biovotion has been invited to exhibit in the Novartis Health Tech Lab and participates in the Movement Challenge.

Physical movement is often a great indicator of the evolution of a disease or the efficacy of a treatment.
Any solution that can measure movement, activity, physical ability & capacity, more accurately than what is available today if of interest.
Main interests are:
Measure movement, possibly to distinguish a variety of different movements
Guarantee precision and accuracy of these measurements of movement
Compare actual movement measurement solutions /activity trackers (sensors, phone, etc)
Understand how the body progresses in the environment around it
Imagine a home or a broader environment that understands a patient’s physical activity (IoT, smart homes, etc.)
Measure activity of people in wheelchairs, using walkers, crutches, prosthetics
Easy to read/understand data visualization of the tracking