If you are interested in medical wearables, digital health, integrated solutions and had to choose one number to memorise before the year end - here is the one I suggest you do - 93%
That's the number for the amount of quality data as a function of overall time that Everion provides over a six months period in currently more than 70 Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients on South Africa.

This number was shown earlier in December at the Swiss Re data analytics conference during a presentation by Kuldeep Singh, the founder and CEO of Biofourmis, with interim results of an ongoing pilot in CHF patients in South Africa, combining Everion with Biovitals, an AI and ML driven system, connected to a call centre, helping to predict health deterioration in realtime.

CHF patients notoriously suffer from a high hospital readmission rate. As reported by Akshay et al, Circulation 2012;126:501-506 and further studied by Ziaeian et al, Prog Cardiovasc Dis. 2016 for example, within 6 months more than 50% of all CHF patients are readmitted to hospital.
The same number of a regular wearable medical ECG patch adhesively worn on the chest is usually around 50% and often for a significantly shorter time.

Ergo the number combines a) the maximum amount of time that patients actually wear the system and b) how much of the captured data actually is considered as enough qualified to base further judgement on.

This indicates Everion sees sustainable long term user adoption and provides consistently reliable data during that time worn, in combination with sophisticated and automated data evaluation procedures. This is the basis to truly provide value to the different stakeholders in post event remote patient monitoring and other offerings.

Quote from a CHF patient: “It has become part of my daily habit - i wear it and forget about it and I know a care team is always there to make sure I am safe.”

We are very excited to see this unfolding. It confirms so much what we have fanatically been striving for - truly user centric design and best possible data quality.
There will be soon much more following from this and numerous other studies currently happening in several countries involving Everion.