Much of our health is essentially defined by how we move, exercise, sleep, relax, our genetic predisposition, how we adhere to medication and of course our diet. Hence, there is an increasing interest to understand the impact of food on our bodies.

The capability to follow the metabolic dynamics of carbohydrate intake is seen to offer value.
If happening seamlessly together with other physiological monitoring that map the parameters above, it can further advance the true understanding of our well being and empower us in our endeavour to maintain health rather than just manage disease.
We are glad we can continue to add and share further learnings and understanding of the use of multisensor systems in a true RWE setting.
The 2 publications here are probably the very first contributions to systematically investigate the applicability of non invasive glucose trend capabilities and its handling by patients in real life over a longer period of time, contextualised and along with reference data.

Caduff et al, Diabetes Sci Technol. 2018

We are very excited to share these learnings with the two publications here.

Zanon et al, J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2017

It will help us to further evolve Biovotion’s Multisensor platform towards a little hospital on the upper arm.
Today, Everion is the first offspring from that multisensor platform that offers motion tolerant clinical grade vital sign monitoring, connected to a cyber secured eco system with value adding analytics. Biovotion serves institutional clients in the medical healthcare and occupational health domain and sees increasing use and appreciation of Everion in these fields, bringing insights and empowerment to truly all stakeholders and not just some – information that empowers by revealing health.