Everion used in activity monitoring of hospitalized patients

PD Dr. Jens Eckstein, CMIO at Basel University Hospital, and his team are driving digitalisation within their organisation and have a passion for wearable technology. Not surprising that they decided to deploy the Everion at the University Hospital and use it for their research.

In a trial starting this month, the team is using the Everion's accelerometer to investigate physical activity and the movements of patients currently hospitalized on the internal medicine ward. Close and objective monitoring of patients' physical activity with a multisensor-wearable worn on the upper arm could allow the supervision of recovery and early detection of changes in physical condition.

The movements of elderly and sick patients tend to differ significantly from the movements of healthy subjects. This makes qualification of physical activity using data taken from healthy subjects difficult. In order to generate a model for typical movement patterns among this population, patients will wear the Everion continuously for 48 hours. During that period, they will perform a defined and well-validated movement protocol (the de Morton Mobility Index) three times.

The collected data could allow a hypothesis-generating analysis for follow-up trials. A further aim would be to develop automated physical activity detection algorithms in cooperation with Biovotion, which would be reliable for hospitalized patients. Based on those insights, physiotherapy resources could be planned more efficiently for patients in need of mobilization. Higher activity levels often lead to quicker resumption of daily routines once discharged, so this would have large implications for patient health and hospital efficiency.

We are looking forward to the study results and further cooperation with the team!
In case you would like to learn more about PD Dr. Eckstein's activity, he will be speaking at the ESC congress in Munich. Visit the e-Cardiology and Digital Health session on Monday, the 27th of August 2018.

This is just one example of many innovative research projects where the Everion is being used. With its 22 parameters and features measured every second, it is the ideal platform to develop meaningful algorithms for a number of use cases in the healthcare and safety-critical space.