Augment App

Revealing Actionable Insights

The Augment App is afforded the luxury of highly robust, medical grade, & most importantly, trusted data from our Everion - an entirely new breed of medical wearable technology. We have developed a truly unique application, capable of informing, motivating and guiding you to better health.

It supports you on three levels:
  1. Providing a high level overview of your health status.
  2. Presenting you with actions to take in the form of daily objectives.
  3. Enables deeper analysis to accurately map the health impact of your daily habits & behaviours.

The Health Indicator provides a high level overview of your health status and something to reference over the weeks and months to confirm the positive impact of your improved behaviours or consequences of poor lifestyle choices with the goal to imbed lasting behaviours for sustainable outcomes.

The underlying attributes which are driving the Health Indicator reflect the consenus within the scientific community regarding the desirable health behaviours we all should adopt:

  • We can improve our sleep.
  • We can sit down less & promote our general activity throughout the day.
  • We can dedicate time to exercise.
  • We can better balance stress & relaxation.

Measuring an extensive range of parameters every single second, enables our analytics engine to achieve a very unique understanding of your body and deliver accurate & credible feedback regarding the status of these four specific actions.

The logic is simple. Each and every day you are presented with four personalised goals, and can check in throughout the day for guidance on where to focus your time and effort. When you achieve the desired goal, this translates to a positive contribution & an increase in your Health Indicator.

Last but not least, we give you a chance to dive deeper into the behavioural level. Presenting a timeline for you to identify and closely map the decisions and actions that are driving your health.