Biovotion at Goldman Sachs Disruptive Tech Symposium

Biovotion will be presenting at the Goldman Sachs Disruptive Technology Symposium in London, 20-21. March 2018.
Biovotion will be introducing Augment, our first integrated health navigator.Augment is designed to bridge the data-insights gap, letting you know if, how or when to act by precisely revealing powerful, actionable health intelligence.

Summary of the event
The symposium brings together some of the most exciting and innovative companies across all fields in the Technology space and beyond from both the Public and Private side, together with many of the world’s most prominent investment institutions, to explore the latest developments shaping the world today.
Last year there were over 70 presenting companies / speakers and more than 600 investors and attendees involved over the 2 days, participating in a mix of plenary sessions and investor to company meetings; making it one of Goldman Sachs’ largest conferences in London.
The design of the symposium is twofold. It gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their company to a wide and diverse audience who have the capacity and appetite in investing in both private and public companies. Equally it will allow investors to explore and educate themselves on exciting new trends and companies that are emerging. It will also allow both sides to further their network as we will be arranging informal opportunities where you will meet peers and investors alike.