Everion to be used in cardiology study in Hong Kong

Maybe another reason why to learn a little Chinese. One of Hong Kong’s leading cardiologists, Professor David Siu of the University of Hong Kong, has featured Everion on TV B, the primary network TV station in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s health system has approved a major randomized controlled trial in Heart Failure patients with Everion as central data pillar. It is to further demonstrate the benefits of Everion and the connected analytical capabilities to improve the situation in cardiovascular patients. By using remote patient monitoring with the Everion, the goal of the study is to improve drug titration in post-discharge Heart Failure patients, detect patient deterioration earlier to decrease hospital readmission rates and adverse events. The team decided to use Everion and Biovotion's platform due to its ease of use, high user compliance and the data visualization and integration capabilities as we can offer an end-to-end solution for the study. Also, Everion is a medical device not only in Hong Kong but also has medical class II authorization in Europe, Australia and South Africa. Singapore approval is expected very soon, China FDA registration is currently processed by the Chinese authorities and US FDA 510(k) is under preparation.

We are excited to see Everion rapidly becoming a standard tool in applications where accurate data and superior user adoption is key. Also we are very excited to work on major initiatives in Greater China to better understand what health and its dynamics really means.

Stay tuned, more to follow soon.