Improve Outcomes in Chronic Disease Patients

Outcomes in chronic disease patients are significantly influenced by how well an individual can self-manage their condition between face-to-face visits with their healthcare providers. Inadequate monitoring of symptoms and the subsequent delayed treatment may likely result in hospital readmission. With the right tools in place, the patient can be empowered to take on a more active role in their disease management, avoiding the costly and inefficient readmission cycles.

“Close follow-up for congestive heart failure has been associated with decreased hospitalizations, reduced hospital length of stay, improved functional status, better compliance, lower costs, and improved survival” - Management of the patient with congestive heart failure using outpatient, home, and palliative care; Quaglietti, Susan E et al.; Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases , Volume 43 , Issue 3 , 259 - 274

How the Biovotion solution can improve chronic disease management:

  • By sharing information and insights accross platforms and patient apps we encourage patient engagement and facilitates a care team approach. With our open controlled ecosystem, we can easily integrate with existing IT solutions being used - avoiding the creation of yet another information silo. Learn more about integration
  • By offering continuous patient monitoring of vitals signs and other physiological parameters in medical grade quality, a holistic view on the patient in the home setting becomes available. With personalized health insights, deterioration may be detected earlier and adverse events prevented.
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  • By using the Everion which is easy to use and comfortable to wear, high compliance rates and user adoption can be achieved.

Biovotion’s Everion could contribute to reduce readmission rates in CHF patients.
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