Clinical Trials and Research

Deeply personalised, context specific and decision relevant insights

Clinical, Convenient, Customizable

Reduce risk in clinical trials by gaining more insight into your study participants, lower the number of clinic visits required, and increase the granularity of data per patient. Biovotion is a proven partner for research teams who want more visibility and efficiency for their clinical trials.

As the input basis for AI and machine learning algorithms, we allow researchers to derive predictive analytics and digital biomarkers at scale from our high-quality data. Continuous collection of key vital signs and behavioral indices allows clinical teams to analyze not just drug efficacy, but also quality of life and other patient-centric endpoints.


Validated and GCP-compliant

With our medically validated parameters, data from the Everion is as high quality as in-clinic measurements. And we’re passionate about patient privacy. Data are encrypted from device to dashboard, and we provide secure data storage in the cloud.

Our disease-agnostic platform is customizable and open for integration. We support different use cases depending on the type of clinical trial and data collection protocol. You have full control over the data collected and can select data resolution based on your research needs (from sensor data to daily aggregated data).

By providing a quality indicator for all our processed measurements, we give you additional context to better understand which data points to trust.



User-centered design

We are obsessive about putting the user front and center in all aspects of our design. The end result is a solution that yields amazing compliance and is proven to outperform the competition when it comes to user acceptance and comfort.

A seamless experience for the user with high levels of patient compliance
• Demonstrated compliance rates of up to 93%.
• Outperformance of other wearables on indices of comfort and wearability.
• No tape, no buttons, no screens – our device is elegant, intuitive, and comfortable, ensuring rapid adoption and low-friction data acquisition.

Reach participants remotely and center the trial around their needs- improving study design and robustness. We solve the problem of the difficult-to-reach participant, by bringing the lab to them. Researchers gain insight into whether the patient is following the protocol at home by offering nearly real-time remote monitoring options through our web-based dashboard.

The Everion collects up to 22 measurements and features in just one device, a big benefit for both patient complience and explorative research.



Work within the system you already have

No more information silos – choose between our native app or connect via our SDK (iOS and Android supported) to create your own platform with the app of your choice. Monitor populations using our dashboard for central administration or use our API to feed device data directly into your existing system. Configure the system in a way that works for your clinical trial setup without any restrictions.

Biovotion has extensive experience connecting with other systems and has turnkey solutions for the clinical trial space. Talk to us to learn more about existing integrations, or explore how you can integrate the Everion into your ecosystem.

Academic research using the Everion

We understand the needs of researchers pushing innovation in their fields. That’s why we provide access to:
• Medically validated parameters
• Unprocessed data direct from our sensors (collected at 1Hz and 51.2Hz intervals)
• Our configurable system

Many research projects in a wide range of fields are already in progress using the Everion and our ecosystem. Here are a few examples from Yale/MIT and ETH Zurich.

Contact us to learn how Biovotion can support your research project.