Improving outcomes in children with congenital heart disease

We are delighted to announce our involvement in a study led by Dr. Animesh Tandon that starts in the US. The goal is to investigate the causes of morbidity and mortality in pediatric patients (up to 6 months) with functional single ventricle heart disease age using continuous home monitoring.
By receiving real-time information on vital signs such as heart rate and oxygen saturation (SpO2) the care team will gain more insights and possibly also develop algorithms to help predict adverse events in this patient population. While we typically don’t address pediatric use cases, we are honored to contribute to increase patient safety and improve outcomes for the frailest amongst us.

Our accuracy, and the measurement of 22 parameters and features every second, ensures Everion becomes the device of choice in many innovative research applications, post event and occupational health use cases. We are proud to work with the brightest minds and most renowned institutions in this world to transform healthcare delivery through digital technology.