Our Ecosystem

Our rapidly growing ecosystem is more than just the sum of its individual components but the basis for customer-centric end-to-end solutions bringing health insights to all stakeholders.

Biovotion stands for promoting health, preventing deterioration of the physical condition and managing disease by offering complete end-to-end solutions with medical-grade physiological monitoring at their core. Our wearable sensor monitors continuous and non-invasively with medical grade quality even under motion while being non-intrusive and comfortable for the wearer.

With smart algorithms we deliver actionable insights based on personalized, predictive health models. The whole Biovotion ecosystem comprises of data collection, analytics, storage in the cloud and visualization tools. We use proven components for building our backend ensuring hyper scalability and flexible design for our true medical IoT solution.


Biovotion strongly believes in not building new sylos in the digital health space. Thus, we have created what we call an open-controlled ecosystem approach allowing partners and customers to integrate and add components on several levels.