Everion precision recognised yet again

In addition to our rapidly growing traction in the market, Everion is increasingly used in clinical trials, extensive research studies, & larger governmental health initiatives. Indeed, more than 50 studies are currently underway, or in late stages of preparation.

Each of these has significant potential to positively impact scientific discovery, to drive the value proposition of digital health per se & to permit numerous commercial applications. The common denominator is a shared vision to better understand the entire illness-wellness spectrum & particularly the dynamics of health deterioration.

A recent paper by Liliana Barrios, Pietro Oldrati, Silvia Santini and Andreas Lutterotti of ETH Zurich, Universitätsspital Zürich & USI Università della Svizzera Italiana, reports on early results of the Everion compared to a 5 lead ECG Holter Monitoring for evaluating its eventual use in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The protocol investigated physiological responses associated with resting, walking, running and cycling. Everion devices were placed on the left and right arm and the resulting data compared to the gold standard reference for understanding cardiac functionality, ECG.

The academics are focused on deriving a digital biomarker for more advanced fatigue assessment in patients with MS, preferably with one single device that has multisensor capabilities, such as our very own Everion! And indeed, the Everion delivered the best performance.

"Everion almost identical to the ECG Holter measurements"

The results of this latest publication are reflective of the feedback & continued appreciation from the scientific community & our customer base at large, who simply need to act on robust & trusted sources of data.

This news flow is also very complimentary & further confirmation of the recent results published by the NATO Human Factors Panel. Everion was revealed as best in class with regards to performance & user adoption.

Biovotion continues to prove itself as a powerful platform for innovation. Our research partners are captivated by the ability to leverage a scalable and open ecosystem to build digital biomarkers, adding considerable value to both care systems & patients.