Everion summits Kilimanjaro

Biovotion was thrilled to join a medicine blogging expedition under the scientific lead of Prof. Bruce Johnson from the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine & supported by the legendary alpinis Conrad Anker from The North Face team. We made a decision to take Everion out of comfort zone. Literally, and in all kinds of regards!
The expedition was some 18 months ago, since then there have been 128 cycles of firmware iterations, 98 advancement steps of the algorithms library or medicaldevices approval in several countries. We have learned so much from this one event, the entire Biovotion team had to really step up in order to meet the requirements of such an extreme & harsh environment. Ultimately, it has helped us to become a better, more resilient & focused company. We wouldn’t be where we are now if we were not given the chance to join that adventure.
Thank you Bruce & Conrad, the Mayo team & the many people in the background helping to make this happen. Your efforts have had profound impact on the Biovotion culture that will stand the test of time. To have the belief, trust & support of such pioneers in deepening the understanding of human physiology & performance is incredibly powerful.