Everion® - Revealing medical grade data you can act on

Everion - A true medical wearable.
Precise. Validated. Trusted.

Biovotion's Everion combines an unrivalled number of precise sensors in one single platform, with a form factor that is very comfortable to wear for long periods. What is our secret formula to achieve outstanding user compliance? We have innovated around the user and ensured the Everion is extremely easy to use. There are no buttons, no cables, no tape & no calibration required. It is comfortable to wear on the upper arm, where it collects real time data, continuously, non-invasively, 24/7. Adoption rates and user compliance of up to 90% have been recorded using the Everion. Learn more

The Everion – a true multisensor platform currently provides 22 parameters and features – up to every second. The vital sign parameters mirror what would be collected in a low-acuity environment in a clinical setting (heart rate, skin temperature, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation). Additional clinical and non-clinical parameters (blood pulse wave as a proxy for stress, motion intensity and steps, energy expenditure, sleep quality, heart rate variability, Inter-beat-interval & a stress score) give supplemental value added insights. The platform is expandable & new parameters will be added, covering an even wider spectrum of measurements.

The Everion is available as a health & fitness version or as a medical device (CE class IIa (Everion CD).


Disclaimer: The medical version of Everion is currently not available in all markets and some features may not be available in specific regions due to country specific regulations. Please contact us if you require information whether the Everion is available in your country.

The following parameters are available

Heart Rate
Blood Oxygenation*
Skin Temperature
Skin Blood Perfusion
Respiration Rate*
Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Inter-Beat-Interval (IBI)
Blood Pulse Wave (BPW)
Energy Expenditure

*limited motion tolerance