Health Intelligence

Deeply personalised, context specific and decision relevant insights

Convenient & Continuous

The Biovotion solution is non-invasive and discreet, ensuring rapid technology adoption & low friction data acquisition. We are obsessive about putting the user front & centre in all aspects of our design & innovation. The end result is a solution that yields amazing compliance and is proven to outperform the competition when it comes to user acceptance and comfort.

Don’t just take our word for it. The NATO Human Factors & Medicine Panel published research ranking Biovotion No.1

Continuous data is continuous engagement. Biovotion is ubiquitous. A health navigation tool delivering trusted insights across the entire wellness-illness spectrum with a single platform. Optimising health & performance in the good times, providing advanced warning of deterioration for early intervention & enhanced decision support capability during the unfortunate yet inevitable periods of ill health.

When Knowing Is More Important Than Guessing.

It’s time to decentralise care. Time to extend significantly outward from traditional settings & to expand far beyond the current over-stretched health care models, to also include communities & family members. Most importantly, our solutions place the individual at the centre of their own health ecosystem - enabling individuals to be surrounded with the relevant care & support when they need it most.


We are introducing convenience & intelligence to healthcare at scale. Delivering individualised answers about what is required to successfully manage health & provide the results from focused improvement efforts. Engaging our partners so that a new & different future is possible.

Innovate Around The End User

We are engaged with the leading thinkers and innovators. Facilitating the global pioneers in medical centres, research institutions & pharmaceutical companies to securely access and develop digital biomarkers at unprecedented scale.

Biovotion is integral to those wishing to capture accurate, highly contextualised real world signals, to accelerate scientific discoveries & translate them into better care & improved outcomes - faster.

With precision & medical grade validation comes trust & adoption. With proven user-centric innovation comes compliance & engagement.

We have the unique capability to rapidly deploy a validated, GCP compliant, robust & flexible digital biomarker platform at scale. We are trusted to deliver accelerated insights to those transforming care delivery, scaling positive outcomes & building future proofed infrastructure.


A Smarter Approach To Employee Health & Performance Management

Stop guessing. We are the catalyst for intelligent, objective & relevant human capital management & optimisation strategies. Empowering employees to redefine the way they engage with their unique physiology & manage their health.

Maximise performance, increase effectiveness & improve safety. Now you can apply the same rigour & data driven approach to people management as you do other complex operational systems in your organisation. Comprehensive yet easy to use tools that complement & integrate into your programm, measuring progress over time with validated data.

Disrupt the inevitable costs & complications related to poor lifestyle choices in your workforce. Put prescriptive analytics into the hands of individuals to help them understand how their behaviours increase their personal risk–and to provide the simplest, most achievable ways to turn it around. Our solutions enable hyper personalisation of support & intervention strategies.