We reveal unique health insights with medical grade quality across the continuum of care, adding value where it is needed, whenever it is needed. Enabling healthcare professionals to prioritise their workflow and focus on those patients who need attention.

Increase In-Hospital Efficiency & Patient Safety

Sicker patients, faster throughput and less nursing staff is the unfortunate reality in many hospitals today. Biovotion's mobile monitoring solution addresses these challenges. The Everion device coupled with our ecosystem, supports a patient's early mobilization, facilitating continuous physiological monitoring while decreasing the workload of taking vital signs all to detect and prevent patient deterioration


Keep Track of Your Patients After Discharge

Discharging a patient to home does not necessarily translate to a patient that is back to their normal health status. Biovotion's digital health solution allows care systems and healthcare providers to keep track of patients even after discharge when at home. High risk patients can be continuously monitored, optimising discharge management with the reassurance and ability to intervene and avoid readmission due to deterioration.

Improve Outcomes in Chronic Disease Patients

With a growing prevalence of chronic diseases (CVD, CHF, COPD, cancer, diabetes etc.) and the challenges related to improving outcomes for those patients over longer time periods, our remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution is being used to improve population health management strategies.