Exposure to altitude is known to be a burden, our bodies take time to adapt and adjust. Consuming alcohol is also known to have significant implications on physiology. In the spirit of research I decided to combine both of these stressors and was fascinated by the outcome.

Here are three days in the same week, at the same location/elevation at different stages of acclimatisation. As a control, comparable exercise load was undertaken and identical timing and volume of alcohol consumption in the evening (from 7pm onwards in spiral 1&2).

Consuming alcohol at an early stage of acclimatisation looks to be a bad idea, particularly if restorative sleep is needed. When comparing the three days, it is evident that the recovery achieved during sleep is significantly impaired in the first days (spiral 1) as the body is preoccupied to satisfy the extra needs of acclimatisation. On the last day of the trip, one can see how the body has developed resilience to the altitude and sleep is unaffected.

The human body is an amazing system that reacts and responds to our daily demands. With such insights from the Everion we are well placed to truly understand the consequences of our actions and ensure we achieve balance and sustainability in our health.