How the Everion can save your clinical trial time and money

Medical-grade wearables are revolutionizing clinical trials, enabling researchers to enlist participants in less time and increasing the probability that a treatment will launch. The clinical trial landscape is quickly evolving, with ever more interest in patient-centered trials, remote trials, and decentralized trials.

The Everion can save trial organizers money by reducing the number of site visits, while improving the quality and amount of data collected and allowing investigators to respond to adverse events as they are occurring.

Research suggests that increased quality and amount of data may reduce the number of study participants needed per trial, shortening the recruitment process and simplifying data management. A recent report published by the Economist estimated that recruitment times could be reduced from 50% (for oncology trials) to more than 80% (for rare disease trials) when researchers used a patient-centered study design – and emphasized that remote vital sign monitors are a core component of such trials.

Proof of concept studies can be greatly accelerated, and viable treatments identified earlier, saving valuable time and improving the return on investment. In fact, that same study found that drugs developed using patient-centered trial methodologies were 19% more likely to launch.

However, not all wearables are created equally, and it’s important to choose a solution which has proven accuracy and validity under real-world conditions. That’s why we’re delighted that our partners consistently come back to us impressed with the quality of our data, and that independent studies have validated our measurements.

Not only does Biovotion provide best-in-class data, but our open system is highly customizable and ready to integrate with your study app, hospital network, or population monitoring tool. We passionately believe that health information should not be siloed, which is why connectivity is designed into our software. We understand the importance of raw sensor data for study validation and reproducibility and are proud to be one of the few companies to offer this in our solution.

And the Everion itself? Comfortable, easy to use, and proven to have one of the highest patient acceptance rates among medical-grade wearables, the Everion is a boon for study adherence. Taken together, our solution is elegant, intuitive, and patient-centered – just like the trials of tomorrow.