NATO study ranks Everion No. 1.

Biovotion is fast gaining traction in occupational health monitoring when compromise is simply not an option. For industries that require robust & trusted solutions for those operating in high risk environments, Biovotion is fast becoming the go-to provider.

A now published NATO study by Lilian Roos, Karl Friedl et al from US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Natick, MA, USA, Swiss Federal Institute of Sport SFISM, Switzerland, Institute of Naval Medicine, Hampshire, UK and the Institute of Training Medicine & Training Physiology of the Royal Netherlands Army identified Biovotion’s Everion as the leading platform, further confirming our rapid traction in the military sector.

This study marks an important validation step in realising our target of being the leading player in this segment. In the last 15 months the NATO Human Factors and Medicine Panel (HFM), has investigated 9 different monitoring systems. The results were presented last Nov at the 4th International Congress on Soldiers’ Physical Performance in Melbourne. In the meantime, a first publication has been published by the NATO panel, focusing on user acceptance, the next publication will then cover accuracy aspects. It demonstrates Biovotion’s leadership position & is the preferred solution of the soldiers - highly relevant for long term adoption. Small, robust, incredibly comfortable to wear & rapidly advancing capability, enabled by advanced analytics, machine learning & AI. Everion impressively demonstrates the highest user acceptance amongst the leading technologies considered for physiological monitoring in high risk environments.