Our Solution

Biovotion’s Everion Remote Monitoring Solution provides continuous medical-grade physiological data, contextual information and relevant insights for healthcare professionals or researchers. We combine state of the art elements of the consumer, medical and IT space, forming a true hybrid (hardware, software, services) offering. With our medical wearable, the Everion, we collect vital sign and contextual data 24/7 - inside a medical facility or at the patient's home. The Everion Remote Monitoring Solution comprises of data collection, analytics functionality, data storage in the cloud and visualization tools. We use proven components for building our backend ensuring scalability and flexible design for our true medical IoT solution. Biovotion strongly believes in not building new sylos in the digital health space and we therefore promote what we call an open-controlled ecosystem approach allowing partners and customers to integrate and add components on several levels.

Our Ecosystem

Biovotion stands for promoting health, preventing deterioration and managing disease by offering complete end-to-end solutions in an unique ecosystem approach with medical-grade vital signs and physiological monitoring at the core

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A mini-hospital on the upper arm. The Everion combines medical grade data with outstanding user experience & comfort. It is a CE approved medical device class IIa. Ultimate ease of use with no buttons, no calibration, no tape & cables. Robust, accurate, versatile - even under motion

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Augment App

Augment is quite simply a game changer. Delivering data and insights once only achievable in a clinical setting. A truly unique application, capable of informing, motivating and guiding you to better health.

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Managing large populations can be a challenging task especially with an increasing amount of data available. We support you by providing flexible dashboard solutions which deliver insights instead of data. Prioritization mechanism help to get a quick overview of who needs attention ...

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Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI

Data & analytics play a key role in the Biovotion solution. We deliver advanced analytics for predictive, precise, personalized and actionable health insights.

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Cloud & Data Integration Options

Data protection and privacy is of upmost important to Biovotion. We use advanced cloud technologies and access control to protect your information. Our digital backbone for health data management is fully GDPR & HIPAA compliant.

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