Keep Track of Your Patients After Discharge

After discharge a patient’s vital signs and health status are no longer monitored. This may seem appropriate for those who are stable, have recovered from their illness & cause of initial hospitalisation. However, this is rarely the case for many patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases & comorbidities. Adverse events may occur in the first week after discharge.

The world´s healthcare systems share a common hurdle in the form of overstretched resources, equally they are bound by the collective vision to leverage emerging technology in order to promote earlier discharge from hospital. This requires innovative, yet validated sensing & analytics solutions to remotely monitor the patient’s health status & trigger the necessary actions from the care team.

Biovotion brings a credible & trusted solution for high-risk patients to be monitored at home. The care team can access the data anytime, anywhere. This data input can be used for smart alerting functionality which informs the healthcare professionals when vital signs deteriorate allowing early recognition of potential problems, enhanced decision support & relevant intervention, faster.

Biovotion’s technology can help to address an optimized discharge management & reduction of readmission for high-risk patients.