Exercise plays a vital role in promoting one’s health. Given the well documented positive outcomes on both physical and mental health, exercise is absolutely the best antidote for modern life.
Our physiology is a complex system that faces significant challenges on a daily basis. Depending on our baseline, adding load to this system in the form of high intensity exercise rarely delivers a consistent response. The two illustrations show this variance in both the acute phase post exercise and also the recovery during sleep. Counter intuitively, the longer and more intense exercise period in this instance was followed by a faster recovery and better sleep. This adds continued support to the notion that episodic monitoring misses a significant part of the picture. Only insights afforded by continuous monitoring provide the complete story and offer a unique and holistic approach to the proactive management of health or management of a chronic condition.
Armed with Everion as our health guardian day and night, we at Biovotion are now working intensively on intelligent software, to fully leverage Everion’s capabilities. We call this initiative Augment, a powerful fusion of codified expert knowledge and machine learning. Augment is fed with accurate 24/7 physiological monitoring data, and brings the richness of contextualised, situation specific analysis and advice to you. Our goal is simple, irrespective of your current position on the illness-wellness continuum, we put you in charge of your health and empower you to take positive action.