Firmware 3 released...

Releasing Firmware 3 is a major milestone for Everion & its stakeholders given the additional capabilities we have now introduced. FW 3 delivers contextualised Inter-Beat-Interval (IBI) measurements, bringing the current total to an incredible 22 parameters & features supported in a sophisticated machine learning environment (see list here).

Our IBI capabilities are proving to be a very compelling replacement case for many ECG applications, given far superior user experience which leads to higher wearer compliance. Each IBI value now comes with its own explicit error estimate in milliseconds, which allows error tolerances to be tailored to specific use cases. Yet another commitment to the transparent and collaborative spirit which defines Biovotion.

Parameter calculations take place directly on-board, making Everion a unique edge computing & cyber secured medical device.

Everion connects to analytics platforms to deliver functional insights that help to trigger concrete actions. Biovotion is engaged in two major fields, post event monitoring in healthcare & enhancing the visibility of health, resilience & readiness of those operating in challenging occupational environments.

We are excited to see Everion deployed within Cardiology, CNS, Oncology, Orthopaedic & Respiratory domains. Equally, we are fast gaining traction in many safety critical applications including, military training, mining, & improving point of care delivery by supporting surgical teams better understand their health status.

Furthermore, FW 3 brings a number of functional improvements related to battery runtime, automated annotation & contextualisation features. We have now reached 40 hours of battery run time with full beat to beat monitoring, on-board computation & real-time communication into the cloud.

Another exciting step for Biovotion.