Rethinking Care in the Community with CareRooms & Biovotion

CareRooms, a UK-based company whose mission is to rethink healthcare and offer choice and dignity for all, has chosen Biovotion as an essential partner in their in-home care business. CareRooms works with homeowners in local communities to transform spare rooms into safe, comfortable spaces. Each one of their hosts is trained and DBS checked, and each room is fully kitted out with the latest monitoring systems to ensure guests can recover in comfort. If needed, care is provided by a separate, CQC-registered company. Who uses CareRooms? Anyone from a discharged hospital patient, to a caregiver seeking respite.

When CareRooms needed a leading wearable physiology monitoring company to complement their model, they felt Biovotion was a natural fit. The Biovotion Everion enables discreet and secure health monitoring, and is built on a sophisticated ecosystem of data collection, transfer, storage, analytics and visualisation. Like CareRooms, Biovotion stands for redefining user experience in healthcare. The Everion is easy for all CareRooms guests to use as it offers automatic connection and operation, wireless charging, and no buttons, tape, or calibration.

The typical CareRooms guest has booked a stay as they require extra monitoring to be able to recover in comfort. So what is being motitored? With the Everion, CareRooms can track a number of parameters including heart rate, skin temperature, stress, blood oxygenation and steps. This provides regular assessments for guests, perhaps more so than they would ordinarily get in a hospital, to ensure they can recover in comfort.

CareRooms offers their services in the UK and can be booked here. They are also rapdily expanding their network of Hosts.