Safety Critical

Improving Human Factor Resilience In Risk-Based Industries

Our unique multi-sensor platform in combination with a powerful analytics ecosystem is delivering a depth of understanding & intelligence never before seen in human asset management.

We are supporting the most challenging & dynamic 24/7 operational environments of a number of industries - Military, Healthcare, Aviation, Transportation, Mining & Exploration.

Providing the essential knowledge to monitor, regulate and optimise individual readiness and systems level resilience.

The overall ranking, calculated on the basis of the overall scores, shows a clear picture: Ranked 1st - the Everion.

Nato Human Factors & Medicine (HFM)-260 Research panel
The Wearing Comfort & Acceptability of Ambulatory Physical Activtiy Monitoring Devices in Soldiers. Beeler et al, 2018.


Revealing The Invisible Boundaries Of Risk

Worker fatigue presents a constant & critical threat. Biovotion is in a unique position to be able to illuminate these potentially catastrophic blind-spots. Providing tools to not only capture a deep understanding of health status, but also a powerful behaviour change agent in the form of Augment, empowering the worker to enhance their health & reduce their risk profile.


Brian Ferguson, CEO & Founder, Arena Labs Inc

As we began expanding our work in trauma, cardiac care, neurosurgery, & other high-pressure surgical domains — we needed a tool to accurately capture the stress and anxiety. We wanted something robust and reliable that would show the nuances of fear and stress over the course of a day. The Everion has been a game-changer. Not only for the accuracy and efficacy of our work, but for the world-class surgical teams we’re collaborating alongside. This is the future of understanding medical performance at the individual and team levels.


Measure With Confidence - Accuracy Changes Everything

The worlds leading organisations are placing their trust in our validated data to reduce risk, prevent accidents & improve productivity. In addition to targeted health promotion strategies we are enabling the reduction in operational costs related to the previously unknown and unquantified human-factor risks.

Our experience rolling out the Biovotion solution was very smooth. We are impressed with the high-quality data that we are receiving & the individuals enjoy tracking their own vitals via the app.

David Shepherd PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, ABB Corporate Research