SPIRAL OF THE WEEK - Does it matter what you do prior to sleep? In short Yes! Last week witnessed world sleep day under the slogan: “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life.”

Biovotion’s Everion allows accurate and convenient monitoring of physiology day and night. Consuming alcohol can be vitalising, a nice glass of wine makes a tasty dinner even more joyful. We observe in some people alcohol leads to a decrease in heart rate in others to an increase, the vast majority of people however seem to show an increase.  Consumed late in the day, over dinner for example, the delay in the heart rate returning to base levels can take surprisingly long. This can be extremely detrimental to your sleep, stealing much needed recovery. 

LEFT 18:00 Intensive business day, consume water during day ¦ 22:00 Lying down, consume water ¦ 22:15 Falling a sleep, rapid drop in HR ¦ 05:00 Recovered & ready for new day.

RIGHT 18:00 Regular business day ¦ 19:30 Enjoying wine and drinks ¦ 21:00 Lying down ¦ 23:30 Falling asleep, HR/BPw phase out ¦ 06:40 Unrecovered for a new day.

Heart rate variability (HRV), is a collective term for a measurement focused on understanding the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). It also links cardiovascular activity to the respiratory system, digestive system, and other stress/recovery related systems. HRV focuses on the subtle changes in timing (ms) between each heartbeat. HRV analysis also encompasses such terms as R-R interval or inter beat interval (IBI) and is complex to measure, requiring considerably higher degrees of accuracy than simple HR. 

Biovotion has this week reached another exciting milestone - beat to beat integration is complete and together with Israeli sleep experts, we have demonstrated full IBI capability, on par with ECG based RR intervals. What does this mean? Everion can do the very same HRV monitoring that is relevant for sophisticated sleep analysis. 

Achieving this on the upper arm, without the need for a chest belt, is a major step toward redefining how sleep monitoring can be delivered. Biovotion continues to unfold a solution that can truly be integrated into every day life, immersing the user in powerful insights and deepening our understanding of what lies beneath the surface. We will continue to look at various sleep examples in more detail over the next few weeks. ​
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