SPIRAL OF THE WEEK (SPOT) - Does it matter what you do before you go to sleep? Yes, it does.
This week was world sleep day under the slogan: “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life.” See more here.

Biovotion’s Everion allows to monitor physiology and conveniently collect data from day and night. Here two examples of the same person. The first evening reading in bed and falling a sleep quickly for a restful night and recovering sleep.
The next night watching TV and then experiencing a less restful night, exhibited by a different cardiovascular profile, with suboptimal recovery in sleep. Longer phase out of heart rate rhythmicity with more intensively modulated blood pulse wave characteristics.

Not only does it matter what you do before you go to bed, it is well known that quality of sleep is also shaped by your activity during the day, your diet or a well paced circadian rhythm. As reported by an article in JAMA in March 2017, Resetting the Circadian Clock Might Boost Metabolic Health.

We will be looking at various sleep examples in more detail over the next few weeks.

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