Biovotion goes to the Theatre.

The Surgical Theatre!

As part of an innovative solution to reduce physician burnout risk and improve care quality & safety.

Unfortunately, all of us become patients sooner or later, and there is no shortage of literature about our experience of the medical profession. But until now there is little to read about who is taking care of the doctors and associated health care providers.

Doctors are more prone to mental health problems, it turns out, than any other profession. Their working conditions are more stressful and punishing than anything the vast majority of us have to deal with in a routine day at the office.

It appears as though these dedicated doctors are burning out trying to meet all their professional obligations and please their patients. It's almost as if the physicians are sacrificing themselves, to reduce the impact of overburdened health system on the patients. Nobel, yes, but not sustainable.
We have a system that is simply breaking the very doctors we need to help care for us. It’s not enough to just say it’s broken. It is time to leverage innovative technology to change the system. Thankfully there are some pioneers and progressive medical systems that are tackling this challenging issue head on.
There has been significant media attention focused on the new @Cleveland Clinic CEO, @Tom Mihaljevic, MD, who has called on staff to continue to improve healthcare by using new technologies, notably artificial intelligence and the latest in data analytics as well as digital platforms.

“We are here for patients first,” Mihaljevic said. “But we can’t succeed unless we take care of ourselves.”

To that end, he announced that Cleveland Clinic has established the new Office of Caregiver Experience to address wellness, burnout and career development. This has sent an important message to medical systems around the globe, and we are excited to now interact with other progressive systems who are embracing a new approach to a chronic problem.

Biovotion is delighted to support the work of Arena Labs, Dr. Jack Sava, Director of Trauma Surgery for MedStar Hospital in Washington DC and Dr. Dehra Harris, Director of Wellness and High Performance for Graduate Medical Education at Washington University in St. Louis as they use Biovotion technology to pioneer a new paradigm of thinking around “High Performance Medicine”.

Recently, this team has begun integrating Biovotion’s Everion, a medical wearable, worn on the upper arm, into an Arena Lab’s advanced training program for surgical and trauma teams to visualise and understand the unique physiological responses of fear, chronic stress, and anxiety when practicing medicine. The Arena Labs team is uniquely placed to deliver this critical support, and is comprised of high performers from the fighter pilot community, special operations, elite athletics, and the performing arts.

“Medicine is one of the last disciplines to think about high performance, not because the work isn’t high impact but because of a legacy not talking about the true costs of our current disconnected system. Fear, stress, anxiety - these themes aren’t rare. They are the reality and they require a new way of thinking if we are going to actually meet the high standard of care we have spent our careers working to attain. “ Dr. Dehra Harris.

“Decisions in trauma care are time-critical, high-stakes, and based on incomplete information. Is it any surprise that these factors affect the health & performance of the caregivers? The hard part is understanding why we have waited so long to admit that anxiety and stress affect medical teams. If we ever hope to train medical teams to perform optimally under severe stress, we have to be able to measure it. That’s where Biovotion comes in...”

Human factors continue to present significant risks to many high impact and high cost systems.

Biovotion is shining a light not only in the surgical theatre, but on the human asset blind spots of many occupational health roles, particularly in safety critical environments including military, aviation, mining, transportation, oil & gas exploration to name but a few.

Biovotion - when knowledge is critical & compromise is not an option.