Telehealth on the rise

Telehealth, the provisioning of healthcare remotely, is growing rapidly with increasing numbers of use cases. Experts predict telehealth applicatons will hit the critical mass in the US already within the next two years.

That was also reflected at this year's HiMSS conference in Orlando.One key take away from the show is that the success of telehealth is related to the evolving technologies but also more favourable reimbursement situation.

But telehealth is not only growing in the US but also in Europe, and Switzerland is considered to be at the forefront of this development.
For those who want to learn more about innovative telemedicine applications being deployed in the country ARTE TV broadcasted a very comprehensive piece. It also features the Biovotion Everion solution (from minute 7:30 onwards) and explains how our digital technology can support new workflows post patient discharge: by providing high quality physiological physicians' decision making can be improved - even when the patient is already back home.