Helping to transform standard of care in cancer patients.

Last week The Guardian reported about an interesting study by Australian cancer researchers of the benefit of exercise in cancer patients. A respective position statement was released by the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia.

Continuous vital sign monitoring in combination with machine learning increasingly enables opportunities around early detection of complications such as threatening infection, bleeding or cardiac complications, common during intensive chemotherapy treatment protocols.

A study with Everion at a German University hospital started this week involving 50 patients undergoing intensive chemotherapy or allogenic/ autologous blood stem cell transplantation for the treatment of aggressive hematologic malignancies.

The goal is to derive relevant digital biomarkers that can help to predict serious clinical complications using data from the Everion to improve patient saftey & cancer treatment.

This is just one of the many research, clinicaltrials & applications where Everion is increasingly used as a standard data collection tool with an expanding library of digital biomarkers