Travelling with Augment

After an initial sneak preview of Augment at the Swiss Re data analytics event last December and a more detailed introduction at the Goldman Sachs Disruptive Technology Symposium last week in London, we are now on an intensive business trip in far East Asia.

Following 2 1/2 years of conceptual work and product development, I have now been using for the first time a version of Augment that feeds of data from Everion and offers combined insights of my body, level of relaxation, quantification of restorative sleep, completeness of exercise and motion. This time we have travelled a day earlier, arriving on Sunday and using the day to do exercise by hiking in the hills of Hong Kong.
Hence I have strictly adhered to the insights and derived instructions that come out of Augment and am blown away by the effect I am getting. Much more bearable jetlag and resilience during an intensive business week.

Augment does this completely annotation free, with zero interference, fully automatic and thus without posing an additional cognitive burden. It is an integrated health navigator, designed to bridge the data-insights gap, letting you know if, how or when to act by precisely revealing powerful, actionable health intelligence.