Andreas Caduff

We are in a unique period of inexorable transformation across the globe, both in business and societies. Companies are challenged to systematically digitise their business models and procedures, to make offerings highly scalable, remotely manageable and with software deployable services. At the same time, we are facing seismic shifts in decentralising parts of healthcare, empowering both providers & patients. Individuals are no longer content to exist as passive consumers of health care services, preferring to take ownership and to step in to the ‘cockpit’ view of their health - consuming highly relevant and actionable information.
Traditional marketing and branding logic is being rewritten in this transformative era. Consumer and digital centric strategies are highly targeted and focused on defined user groups that engage in more intimate interactions with the ‘service provider’. Bidirectional relationships are formed, with organisations gaining deeper insights of their consumers behaviour every day - a distinct and desirable shift away from the one-time transactional models of the past.
Combining these elements leads us to new and disruptive business models. Medical Wearables sit firmly in this space, enabling emerging companies such as Biovotion to present significant value to well established but highly challenged healthcare delivery systems. Fusing consumer centric design and simplicity of use with the intelligence and security of a medical device, embedded into a sophisticated ecosystem. This is the DNA of Biovotion – a unique hybrid offering. Our early stage partners are highly appreciative of the opportunity to implement such a solution within their existing framework, redefining service levels and delivering enhanced outcomes.

Biovotion Ltd is announcing the final closing of its oversubscribed CHF13M Series A financing round. Following earlier closings with Swiss Re as the lead investor (Ticker symbol: SREN) and Harmony Medical Inc., a Hong-Kong based investment company backed by CITIC (HKSE: 00267) of China, the round has now been closed with the addition of the corporate VC arm of a global consumer company, and a UK based institutional investor with dedicated experiences in the IoT space. Existing investor STMicroelectronics NV (EPA: STM) also participated.

The addition of a fourth corporate VC to the shareholder group solidifies Biovotion’s ambition to partner with those committed to driving digital transformation efforts in the medical and health industries. Biovotion continues to enable the decentralisation of healthcare provision, with a focus on empowering end users and patients in a highly scalable and bidirectional manner.

“We have been working extremely well with our current investors and strategic partners and are thrilled to welcome two more strategic investors and strong supporters to the Biovotion family. This will add further capabilities in unfolding Biovotion’s exciting health monitoring solution. We are working tirelessly on integrated, value creating health solutions including the empowerment of the user and patient and it will be highly beneficial to count on the support of global players who are leading transformative efforts in their respective fields.” says Andreas Caduff, CEO of Biovotion.
Biovotion is currently unfolding its Machine Learning-supported digital health platform. This consists of the Everion® a unique medical-grade physiological monitoring wearable, in combination with a powerful data analytics engine.