Everion® now used central pillar to monitor cancer patients at home in study by University Hospital of Zurich & ETH. High adoption rate with user centric design

Following 3 months of integration work and testing, we are very pleased to announce the commencement of the first patient study with Everion®. Under the leadership of the University Hospital Zurich and ETH Zurich, Everion® is a central pillar in the protocol design, providing a medical grade monitoring solution to continuously track palliative cancer patients at home. Adoption rate is one of the key challenges facing wearable technology providers. Thanks to the strictly user-centric design, the initial patient feedback confirms Everion’s comfortable user experience and subsequent high adoption rates. With market authorisation available and manufacturing ramped up earlier this year, Biovotion has already deployed several hundred Everion units in a number of ongoing pilots and major pilots in Europe, the US and Asia are currently under way. Today, Everion’s are already monitoring more than 30M heart beats each day, now also including full interbeat interval (IBI) capability. Everion is now collecting significant data volumes from unrestricted real life use and data analytics is starting to yield highly relevant insights to real world evidence based initiatives.